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The ultimate shawarma & burger experience

Grand Opening Party

Join us as we celebrate the grand opening of our second restaurant in Burlington. The party will take place at the new restaurant located at 3505 Upper Middle Rd on October 31, 2016 from 11am-10pm.

Mark your calendars and bring your friends, family and neighbours. You can all choose from free shawarma/falafel wrap or dinner, or our classic or shawarma poutine. Let them them discover what Burlington has voted as the best shawarma of 2016

Zesty Pita Restaurants

Zesty Pita & Burgers is a Halal restaurant in Burlington. We have two locations to serve you in Burlington. Express take-out is is located at 4033 New St (Marilu's Plaza). The dine-in restaurant is at 3505 Upper Middle Rd (Freshco plaza).

Our Mediterranean restaurant serves delicious, fresh and authentic meals, sandwiches as well as halal burgers and fries. Our food and meats are 100% Halal. We invite you to visit us and share your feedback and your experience online and with friends. Ask about catering services in Burlington.

What is Shawarma?

Served in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants, Shawarma is sandwich-like wrap. Greeks, call it gyros. Armenians called it "Tarna". In Turkey, it is called döner kebab, which in turn means turning kebab.

Seasoned chicken is marinated in special spices and sauces overnight. It is then placed on a vertical spit and grilled. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving. Shawarma is eaten with pita bread, with veggies and toppings include tahini, hummus or tzatziki sauce.